Tuesday 28 January 2014

tutes cute tuesday - birthday wrapping ideas

I personally love wrapping gifts. I try to always wrap them if I have the time, it just adds a little cuteness and a personal touch.

I came across this super cute gift wrap idea from this tutorial here, added my own twist and voila! cute personalised wrapping.

Here is how I did it -

You will need:
any coloured paper
scrap paper
stickers - hearts, lettering etc
washi tape
glue stick

I just used some stuff that I had already. I had some brown paper, scrapbook paper, some stickers, fabric tape, yellow felt and some masking tape stickers.

Wrap your present with your chosen paper

Cut strips with scrapbook paper, strips of washi tape or fabric tape to make your candles.  I used enough strips for the age of the birthday girl (another way to personalise your gift.)

Cut the felt into triangle pieces for your flames, and glue above your candles. 

You can use felt or paper or you can draw the flames on like the one below

I also had another play with the candles idea and used heart stickers as the flames.

You can also use real candles like this one here

Wat een leuk inpakidee!

Remember to add a tag or card (I always have a secret stash of birthday cards and add to these from time to time so I have all occasions covered, it's a bit stressful to a. remember to get a card and b. shop for a card with a toddler who likes to keep moving!)  and you are ready to give your gift.  Be ready for the 'oh cute!' comments!

Happy Wrapping xx