Sunday 20 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunt - Putting blog posts into practice!

Sometimes it's easy to blog about stuff and put it on the to-do-list and it can fall by the wayside.....well this Easter we have definitely walked the walk around here with some sugar free egg fillers for the Easter egg Hunt.  And I'm so glad we did considering the small amount of chocolate I did put in some eggs, Miss 2.5 went up on a sugar high and crashed on a sugar low a little later. But it's only Easter once a year so we just rolled with it.

The Hunt

Watching her collect the eggs was so much fun, and I'm so glad I helped the Easter Bunny set it up. He definitely knows how to hide eggs!

Egg Fillers

Our Egg Fillers were hair clips, underwear (to keep encouraging toilet training success!), baby chicks (which got cuddles tonight before bed so clearly a hit there), cute bunny stickers below (which I found in one of the dollar stores), bracelet, necklace, Kinder Surprise eggs x 2, Mini eggs, and some jelly beans.

The Spoils

The Kinder Surprise didn't stand a chance, Miss 2.5 was into it!

And as predicted I tripped over those eggs so many times today (and it was only Day 1!), but Miss 2.5 loved the novelty of collecting them in her bag again and opening them and closing them and so on and so on..... so next week we will definitely be making use of my 28 Upcycling Ideas for plastic Easter eggs post.