Thursday 17 April 2014

Thrifty Thursday - 28 Upcycling ideas for plastic Easter eggs

I don’t know about you but the week after Easter I keep tripping over those plastic eggs I used for the Easter egg hunt.  And I’m sure there weren’t that many to begin with, it’s like they multiplied overnight!  
I decided to find some uses for those sneaky eggs and found so many fun ways to upcycle them.  I’m sure you will agree when you see how many fun ways there are that you will be saving those eggs and wishing they would multiply so you can use them for some of the ideas below.

Believe it or not, there are some great storage ideas using the plastic eggs, considering how small they are.  But when you see the different storage ideas you can see how handy they are for those little storage jobs.

1.      Creative Lunch box ideas
2.      Popsicle holder and popsicle recipe
3.      Snack containers
4.      Keep jewellery from getting tangled by placing one in an egg. Great for travel!
5.      Play dough storage – keep stored by colour
6.      Give those little bitty small parts of board games like puzzle pieces a new egg home. Keeps them from getting lost!
7.      Crafty storage, organising little beads snaps, buttons, or ribbon. colour.
8.      Toy treasures stored in an egg
9.      Keeping small parts of toys together using egg storage

For learning activities, plastic Easter eggs have many uses, from scoopers during sensory play to memory games and alphabet eggs.

10.  Rainbow Rice scoopers during sensory play
11.  Alphabet Eggs with items starting with that letter or matching up capital and lowercase letters
12.  Water Bead activity
14.  Egg Transfer activity using a couple of tools like spoons and tongs for fine motor exercises

 It wouldn’t be upcycling fun without arts and crafts, and as you can see there are many crafts using the plastic eggs.  My favourite is The Lorax and the plastic Teacups (cuteness of course!)

11.  Plastic egg garland
12.  Egg Animals
13.   Make Maracas - Fill with beans, rice, or sand and glue or tape the egg shut. Or both!
14.  Teacups
15.  The Lorax
16.  Make egg shaped  bath bombs
19.  Dino dig

Of course being an egg shape there would be a use for them as an egg during role play games but who knew you could disguise them as a strawberry or a carrot?

20.  Cupcakes, a great addition to any tea party
21.  Play food for baby or teddy or dolly…..
22.  Mr Carrot
23.  These Strawberries are super easy to make
24.  Eggy Eggs complete with insides

Happy Eggcycling!