Tuesday 15 April 2014

Tutes Cute Tuesday - Make A Custom Felt Bunny Family

I found this cute tutorial just in time for Easter and I am so in love with the cuteness of it all (and the fact it's no sew too!)  This tutorial comes courtesy of While Wearing Heels, whose blog name I love!  So I'm off to buy felt and embroidery hoops and put this on the to do list for the long weekend.  See a snippet of the details below but head to While Wearing Heels for the fine print.

Thank goodness Mommy Bunny was having a good hare day.

Moving on to Daddy bunny, who won Mommy bunny over with a 24 carrot ring

And, last but certainly not least, Baby Bunny.  Baby Bunny enjoys spending her day playing hopscotch.

Happy Easter xx