Friday 11 April 2014

Fat Mum Slim Photo a day Friday - March

I have taken upon myself a daily photo challenge over at Fat Mum Slim, which for the first few months was pretty awesome.  It makes you look at the world a little differently (not in a crazed I need to take a photo way but more of a lets look around and see what the world is doing today, and if there's a cool photo opportunity well that's even better.)

If you read this blog post you may also be inspired - it inspired me for 2014.  And you will also read it's inspired a lot of other people too.  It's pretty easy, you read the day's photo challenge and their prompts to give you some tips and hints for the photo.

I thought I would share my top 10 from each month with you to show off a little (and keep me motivated).

However March, has been a bit of a let down.  I took my eye of the ball and ended up getting so far behind I kind of fell off the Photo a Day wagon.  Whoops.

MARCH Photo A Day 2014. Join us?

I do have some photos to show you though................

March 1st - Yellow

March 3rd - My name is.....Supermum some days

March 6th - Chair, who needs a chair when you can lie on the floor?

March 9th - 10am

March 12th - Partial

March 14th - Care

March 16th - Beautifully Ordinary...........Sand

Coming up next month.................and hoping to have more to show you is.........

APRIL photo-a-day1